The Casual Vacancy

A three-part adaptation of J K Rowling’s first book post-Harry Potter was recently on the BBC over the last few Sunday nights. The Casual Vacancy is a book which examines class, families, death and numerous societal issues. Adapted by Sarah Phelps and approved by J K Rowling herself, the book was made into a mini-series as a collaboration between BBC and HBO.

As with any book to screen adaptation, there are concerns from fans that important parts are changed or left out completely and this version of The Casual Vacancy was no exception. I shall discuss some of these changes and my thoughts on the series in this blog post. There were parts that were done exceptionally well but some bitter disappointments as well.

Abigail Lawrie as Krystal Weedon in The Casual Vacancy

Abigail Lawrie as Krystal Weedon in The Casual Vacancy

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Broadchurch Series 2

Broadchurch was a hugely popular crime drama when the first series was broadcast in 2013. The first series focussed on the murder of an 11 year old boy from a tight-knit community in a fictional town in Dorset. No character was free from suspicion and the series progressed with the community growing further apart due to grief and a lack of trust. The whodunnit proved to be a surprise hit for ITV and spurned a lot of cultural tourism to the Jurassic Coast and West Country locations used in the programme.

I was a little late to the first series. Initially, I didn’t watch due to the hype surrounding the programme. I thought that as when many programmes become suddenly popular and hyped up that it wouldn’t live up to the expectations and quality that people have raved about. Other reasons for missing most of the series included simply missing it due to other commitments. Eventually I caved in following the finale due the high praise regarding the series’ resolution of the whodunnit and the acting. Unfortunately, by this time I could only watch the last two episodes so I found out the killer was Joe Miller, the father of murdered boy’s best friend and watched in awe at Olivia Colman’s brilliant reaction to this news as Ellie Miller, the wife of the murderer.

Having been impressed by the two episodes that I had managed to see, I set time aside every Monday evening this year as series 2 of Broadchurch was broadcast (from January to February). However, whilst I was on the whole enjoying this series, many fans of the first were disappointed by its sequel and took to the internet to complain about absolutely anything they could! This week, Chris Chibnall the writer of Broadchurch has responded to some of these complaints.

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Christmas Specials

Thank goodness for christmas specials!  A source of blogging topics for me – sorry to bombard you with a lot of posts in one day. It is a new year’s resolution/goal of mine to blog more often this year. I found it hard the last few months because I stare at a laptop monday-friday each week at work so it when it comes to blogging in the evening or weekend I don’t fancy looking at my laptop and typing again! Hopefully I will blog more often if I have enough topics that compel me to write.

Christmas specials are odd episodes for Doctor Who. It has become a somewhat tradition to have Christmas specials since the series was revived in 2005. The majority of specials are standalone episodes that do not link or reference the preceding or succeeding series heavily. I personally find the specials a bit hit or miss. They can be good episodes or they are really dire!

This blog post will mostly focus on the 2014 episode Last Christmas.

A promotional still for the 2014 special 'Last Christmas'

A promotional still for the 2014 special ‘Last Christmas’

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