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Been struggling to find something to blog about since my last post in January. I haven’t felt compelled to write about anything in particular and when an interesting topic has risen I have shied away from writing because I don’t have a clear view on the topic and don’t want my post to be a long, rambling list of contradictions!

I have had a few things that I’ve been watching on television over the last few months which don’t warrant their own individual posts but to make up for my lack of posting in the last 2 months I am combining for this sort of master post. (Also helps that I have time to write – yay 4 day weekend!)

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Doctor Who Series 9 Review

Saturday saw the finale of series 9 of Doctor Who broadcast to the nation. It has been a series of two halves for me. It seems as if everything is settling into place now. Capaldi is more sure of who his Doctor is, Jenna Coleman has been putting in great performance after great performance and the writing team have had some really great ideas in the episodes although they are sometimes not executed properly which I will get to later on in this blog post.

However, on the flip side, as everything seems to be falling into place albeit slowly, I feel the series has been overshadowed by its stars. Jenna Coleman’s decision to leave this series left fans waiting each episode for the inevitable. Maisie Williams joining the cast and appearing in multiple episodes has had excessive publicity and to be honest I was slightly disappointed in her performances after all the hype surrounding her casting.

Also, from an audience view, I have felt somewhat detached from this series despite it being much better than some of the most recent series on the whole. I think this may be because some of my friends who are fellow Doctor Who fans have stopped watching the programmer after finding series 8 disappointing and not exciting enough for them. Despite claiming that I will continue to stick with the programme, negativity from fans may have had a slight impact on my perspective and viewing pleasure.

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Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia

Recently I have been watching the documentary series Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia on BBC Three. I stumbled upon it by accident but became very intrigued, catching up on the first episode on iplayer and then watching the other two episodes of the series on television.

The series was split into three locations in Russia and three topics: Far Right and nationalist groups in Moscow, homosexuality and homophobia in St Petersburg and aspiring teen models in Siberia.

I would recommend this series as it is a really interesting watch. This is partly due to how the documentaries were made and the use of Reggie as a presenter.

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Trailer Dissection: Doctor Who Series 8

So all the promotional material for the new series of Doctor Who has been released ahead of the series starting on the 23rd August. The teaser trailers and the full trailer are now available to see on Youtube after being shown on television and preparations are being made for the “World Tour”. The world tour (or at least the Cardiff part of it) will premiere the first episode ‘Deep Breath‘ before its television transmission and there will also be question and answer sessions with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Louise Coleman and Steven Moffat.

As I predicted in my previous blog post about the world tour I didn’t get tickets. I didn’t even know they’d gone on sale and when I did find out, they had sold out! The Cardiff event is being held at the concert hall where I do front of house so my only hope to experience the Cardiff event is if I’m offered the shift – fingers crossed.

I thought I’d do this blog post for those fans like me who (probably) can’t attend the world tour events and are avoiding the leaked scripts/spoilers. I’m going to analyse the two teaser trailers and the full trailer to see what we can expect from the news series.

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The Doctor travels

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical when I first saw the video about the Doctor Who World Tour appear on my Facebook newsfeed. One, because I’ve been tricked into watching fan made trailers/videos before which were billed as official and two, because there are a lot of people on Facebook who seem to share anything (videos, “news” stories, quizzes, images) without any thought to the shared item’s validity, source or agenda.

However, confirmation via BBC Wales’ tweet about it and an article on the BBC’s website for the programme about the World Tour has removed any doubt I had.

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Louise Coleman will travel to 7 cities across the world to meet fans in the space of 12 days.

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How I…

…accepted the How I Met Your Mother finale.

How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom which started in 2005 and finished in 2014. Set in New York, the sitcom followed the adventures of Ted Mosby (and his friends) as he searched for love. These stories are told by an older Ted to his children in 2030. Over the last 9 years, we have watched Ted’s quest to find “the one“. We have witnessed the ups and downs of his dating experiences amongst stories of his friends and their lives. At the end of series 8, the Mother is introduced to the audience as she buys a train ticket. We learn more about her as series 9 progresses and in the finale, Ted meets her.

A still from the opening credits

A still from the opening credits

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