All this fuss over a pink bus

This week, Labour unveiled their plans to talk to women and encourage them to vote at the next general election in May. This came in the form of a pink van which would travel around Britain and allow MPs or prospective candidates to speak to women about their concerns regarding politics and politicians with the aim of getting the women to vote in the election by listening to them.

Labour's controversial pink van

Labour’s controversial pink van

However, since it has been unveiled it has been debated, ridiculed, questioned and torn apart by not only the press and Twitter users (as would be expected) but also television news and chat shows.

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The end of Miranda

This Christmas holidays saw the final two episodes of the BBC sitcom Miranda be shown (Christmas Day & New Years Day). The sitcom was written and starred comedienne Miranda Hart and revolved around her character’s life. The programme used slapstick humour, exaggerated characters such as Miranda’s middle class family and friends and asides to camera to create the unique humour of the show.

The cast of Miranda at the end of series 3

The cast of Miranda at the end of series 3

I have been a fan of this show since it began and have defended it against the critiques of those who do not like it. It had a different feel to most sitcoms as it used old-fashioned generic conventions and had a relatable character as its protagonist (ok maybe not the upper-middle class but a woman who is seen as an outsider who doesn’t quite manage to abide by the social habits that everyone else naturally seems to).

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I am loving series 8  of Doctor Who – so much better than Matt Smith’s last series. However, some of the episodes are a bit slow and as the series progresses the episodes are becoming monster-lite which annoys me. Despite this, the acting is pretty good (with the exception of Samuel Anderson – sorry, I just don’t like Danny!)

I think Capaldi is absolutely brilliant – an immensely different, more challenging Doctor yet hilarious. He has a touch of Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor which I think is why I like him so much because Christopher was my “first doctor”.

The surprise for me is Jenna Coleman as Clara this series. As I think I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, I felt that her arc of being the “impossible girl” in series 7b took over. It was intriguing at first but then she was sidelined until the finale where her arc’s resolution was rushed. I’ve felt she’s been given so much more to work with this series and her character has become more rounded. I hope she doesn’t leave at Christmas because we’re just getting to see the best Clara.

Flatline which was broadcast on 18th October is a very Clara-heavy episode and the idea of acting like the Doctor is played upon.

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