BAFTAS (Television) 2015

My favourite awards show of the year takes place this Sunday (10th May): the BAFTA television awards. As a self confessed television nerd, so much so that I took every opportunity in university to specialise in the medium in essays and projects that I could, I am looking forward to the awards.

The BAFTA Craft awards for television took place about a fortnight ago which I usually also get quite excited for as it rewards the creators and people behind the scenes. However, this year I wasn’t that enthused over the nominees for the craft awards so I only caught up on the results after the ceremony instead of following it religiously on Twitter in real time. Continue reading


Oscar (2015) predictions

The Oscars (or the Academy Awards as they are more formally known) are upon us. Tonight the nominees will find out whether they will be taking home the coveted golden figurine. I shall not be watching as it is tonight in American time and not British and I do not fancy going to work tomorrow like a zombie!

Whilst I am more interested in television awards ceremonies (as made clear in my previous blog post about BAFTA nominations), the Oscars sticks in my mind due to a little uni tradition. Each year one of my coursemates Alex E would organise a sweepstake of sorts based on predicting the Oscars. Everyone participating on our course paid £1 and predicted their winners on the Oscars website MyPick. The winner who had predicted the most correct winners would either receive the money or a prize bought with the money. I never won – I was usually middle of the table having chosen a mix of definite winners and who I personally wanted to win.

Now we have graduated and are spread out across Britain (and in some cases across the world – Hi Holly and Annie in Australia!), our Oscars game is no more.

However, in this blog post I will predict my winners and who probably will win for each category.

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