Strictly 2015 Favourite Dances

I have loved this series of Strictly Come Dancing. At the start of the series the only celebrity I didn’t know was Daniel O’Donnell but he soon won me over. The new pros have been great additions to the show with exciting choreography and great relationships with their celeb partners. It was possibly the highest standard of dancing the show has ever seen – by the quarter finals it was basically down to popularity of the celebs/pro dancers.

Jay and Aliona won making Aliona the first pro to win twice. I have loved Jay and Aliona throughout the series. However, if Jay hadn’t won, I would’ve liked Georgia to win. Once they were allowed to drop the Vincent and Louisa mark 2 facade, they came into their own, formed a great relationship and some showstopping dances.

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Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia

Recently I have been watching the documentary series Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia on BBC Three. I stumbled upon it by accident but became very intrigued, catching up on the first episode on iplayer and then watching the other two episodes of the series on television.

The series was split into three locations in Russia and three topics: Far Right and nationalist groups in Moscow, homosexuality and homophobia in St Petersburg and aspiring teen models in Siberia.

I would recommend this series as it is a really interesting watch. This is partly due to how the documentaries were made and the use of Reggie as a presenter.

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What a fracas!

March was a month of big news stories. These included the upcoming general election, Richard III’s reburial, a terrorist attack in a Tunisian museum and the plane crash in the French Alps. Despite all these big, rolling news stories, another story seemed to dominate in the newspapers and television news: Jeremy Clarkson’s fracas with a producer on Top Gear. Even when there wasn’t much to report such as Jeremy Clarkson saying he hadn’t heard anything, it still became news probably much to the annoyance of the BBC.

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A new teaser…

In my last blog post, I analysed the three Doctor Who trailers that had been released. Whilst browsing the internet earlier, in the middle of job hunting (boo!), I found out that another teaser trailer had been released. It was released on Saturday and is 15 seconds long. Also, whilst browsing I came across an article by WalesOnline about Capaldi’s views on the Doctor/Companion relationship for the new series.

As I haven’t really watched enough television to be able to write a normal length blog post (apart from the Commonwealth Games), this short blog post will attempt, like my last one, to analyse the latest teaser trailer and what I think about the content of the WalesOnline article.

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Trailer Dissection: Doctor Who Series 8

So all the promotional material for the new series of Doctor Who has been released ahead of the series starting on the 23rd August. The teaser trailers and the full trailer are now available to see on Youtube after being shown on television and preparations are being made for the “World Tour”. The world tour (or at least the Cardiff part of it) will premiere the first episode ‘Deep Breath‘ before its television transmission and there will also be question and answer sessions with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Louise Coleman and Steven Moffat.

As I predicted in my previous blog post about the world tour I didn’t get tickets. I didn’t even know they’d gone on sale and when I did find out, they had sold out! The Cardiff event is being held at the concert hall where I do front of house so my only hope to experience the Cardiff event is if I’m offered the shift – fingers crossed.

I thought I’d do this blog post for those fans like me who (probably) can’t attend the world tour events and are avoiding the leaked scripts/spoilers. I’m going to analyse the two teaser trailers and the full trailer to see what we can expect from the news series.

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BBC Wales on the move

On the 10th June, BBC Wales unveiled the design and plans for their new broadcasting house. Apart from drama which is based in the specially constructed village Roath Lock in Cardiff Bay, the rest of BBC Wales (online, tv and radio) are based in broadcasting house in Llandaff. The building in Llandaff has been the BBC’s home in Wales for the past 50 years.

All the broadcasters in Wales have made decisions recently about moving their headquarters and buildings to new sites. However, the BBC’s plan has been deemed controversial and the corporation has been accused of a “breach of faith” by some former politicians. Here I will discuss the BBC’s plans in more detail and the pros and cons to their move.

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BBC3 – The future of tv?

At the start of March this year, it was announced that BBC3 may cease to exist as a television channel. The channel is currently a 9 hour broadcaster (it is on air from 7pm until about 4am) and is aimed at an audience aged between 16 and 34.


The plans to move the channel’s content online come as the BBC must reduce its spending amongst nationwide cuts. The BBC decided to prioritise its other television channels: BBC One as it is the channel that appeals to a mass audience and BBC Two/Four as part of  a plan to increase arts programming. This suggests that by prioritising these channels the BBC as a public service broadcaster is fulfilling its ideals of entertainment (BBC One), education (BBC Two/Four) and information (BBC One/Two/Four).On a basic level, this move seems logical: BBC Three’s programming is not beneficial to audiences with regards to the Reithian ideals. There are examples of programmes that are counterarguments to the statement I have just made but then again, what does Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents really contribute to society apart from a voyeuristic insight into teenage hedonism?

The move has to be approved by the BBC Trust and will not happen until at least Autumn 2015. However, the announcement provoked an outcry on Twitter (mostly from those stars who’d benefitted from the channel) and a petition has been created to #savebbc3.

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