About Me

Hi. My name is Catherine. Welcome to my blog.

uni368 - Copy

This is a space mainly for my thoughts on television programmes but there’ll probably be posts about online media, music and  personal thoughts as well!

My 3 main interests?:

  • Media – I am a Media Communications graduate. I am interested in audience research, fandoms, television and social media marketing. I’ve loved studying media; learning all about the different theories and perspectives people have.
  • Music – I play four instruments (viola, violin, flute and piano). The viola is my main instrument and I love playing it in orchestras. I am a supporter of youth music and believe that every child should have access to youth ensembles.
  • Doctor Who – If you hadn’t guessed already by my blog’s name and design, I love Doctor Who! I have been a fan since it was revived in 2005 and am in the process of discovering the classic series. I have watched the programme as both a fan and a researcher. My degree provided me with opportunities to study the programme in many contexts and I even did my dissertation on Doctor Who and its spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures!




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