Strictly 2016 Favourite Dances

My annual post of my favourite dances from Strictly Come Dancing. Loved this series and glad that my favourites Claudia and Danny got so far in the competition. I also loved Ed Balls and Judge Rinder.

I have completely neglected the blog this year so thank you to anyone who is actually reading this post and has stuck with it! Aside from Strictly, I have been watching Class (which I’m still not sure about though Cyril Nri’s casting in the last episode has intrigued me), Humans (series 2) and Y Gwyll (series 3). I drifted in and out of Victoria on ITV and have only seen a handful of the new Big Bang Theory episodes.

Click continue reading to see what my favourite dances were of this series…


Not many to choose from this series. I liked the concept of Danny and Oti’s but I think the traditional style of Rinder and Oksana’s dance has the slight edge for me especially because you can tell how much he loved the dance.


So many good quicksteps! My joint favourites are Danny and Oti’s Week 4 one which I watched over and over again and Claudia and AJ’s incredibly fast and effortless semifinal performance.

Notable mentions: Lesley & Anton’s movie Quickstep, Ed & Katya’s clever Quickstep, Rinder & Oksana’s traditional Quickstep, Anastacia & Gorka’s Quickstep so basically half the quicksteps on the show!


There were some really bad song choices this year for tango which really affected the whole mood and tone of the dances. I have chosen Laura & Giovanni’s as my favourite as it was the least hampered by music choice. Also a great comeback dance for Laura after her injury.

Viennese Waltz

A Viennese Waltz with a twist and a bit of drama, straying away from the traditional. I think the modern twist worked well for Danny and Oti on this dance.


Such a beautiful waltz by Daisy, wonderfully choreographed by Aljaz. Simple but effective.

American Smooth

Close between Ore and Joanne’s Singing in the Rain tribute but I think Danny and Oti’s effort just takes it. The mix of contemporary, the epic jump and catch at the end and the ease of movement in their dance is amazing to watch (the dance off repeat of it not so much).

Notable mentions: Ore and Joanne’s Singing in the Rain American Smooth, Claudia and AJ’s Halloween American Smooth

Cha Cha Cha

Hadn’t seen much of Judge Rinder before the series started although I knew who he was. I think this dance was so great because nobody knew what to expect and then he came out and performed one of the best dances of week 1 this series.

Notable mentions: Danny & Oti’s Cha Cha Cha – another week 1 dance that was wow!


Haven’t been a massive fan of the jives this series but I think I probably like Ore and Joanne’s the best even though it was over hyped for week 4.

Paso Doble

Partly for Oksana’s beautiful butterfly dress and partly for the absurdity of a moth/butterfly Lady Gaga paso doble, it has to be Rinder and Oksana.

Notable mentions: Ed & Katya’s Paso (that fell apart but was weirdly compelling), Greg & Natalie’s paso (aka Greg’s best dance)


I still find it hard to like the rumba as a dance on the show. I think the speed and emotion that has to be controlled doesn’t translate very well through a screen. I think Anastacia and Brendan’s might be my favourite of the series.

Notable mentions: Ore and Joanne’s rumba


Has to be Danny and Oti’s history making perfect score samba. I loved the build in tempo with the slow exaggerated steps before hitting the fast, party samba action that we recognise. It’s just such a fun dance that can cheer you up by watching it. Absolutely phenomenal.

Notable mentions: Laura & Giovanni’s samba – another Gipsy Kings samba from Gio with very similar choreography to Georgia’s dance last year but this notable mention is mostly for Giovanni’s hips and how much he was loving life.


Partly because I love the lion makeup but mostly because Claudia completely owned this dance and you could just feel her enjoyment of the dance radiating from her.

Notable mentions: Ed & Katya’s Gangnam Style Salsa (iconic), Rinder & Oksana’s Spice Girls Blackpool Salsa

Argentine Tango

Maybe not argentine tango in the traditional sense but Claudia’s lift work is amazing and the control and strength she exhibits as she transitions through the lifts is incredible.


This dance was just made for Tameka. The perfect opportunity to use her comedy stylings and personality whilst still maintaining the quality of dance. Easily Tameka’s best dance. I loved the theming, characterisation and music.

Notable mentions: Claudia & AJ’s Bugsy Malone Charleston, Rinder & Oksana’s Flintstones Charleston


A tough one as the showdances get so overhyped that on the night they kind of feel a bit flat. I liked Danny and Oti’s but I don’t think it was their best effort. I have chosen Ore and Joanne’s showdance. I didn’t like it when I first watched it – I felt that Ore was just running around a lot trying to get into his next position and the giant drum kit was a big risk which I’m still not sure about. However, I love the song and watching it back it is a very good dance.


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