Strictly 2015 Favourite Dances

I have loved this series of Strictly Come Dancing. At the start of the series the only celebrity I didn’t know was Daniel O’Donnell but he soon won me over. The new pros have been great additions to the show with exciting choreography and great relationships with their celeb partners. It was possibly the highest standard of dancing the show has ever seen – by the quarter finals it was basically down to popularity of the celebs/pro dancers.

Jay and Aliona won making Aliona the first pro to win twice. I have loved Jay and Aliona throughout the series. However, if Jay hadn’t won, I would’ve liked Georgia to win. Once they were allowed to drop the Vincent and Louisa mark 2 facade, they came into their own, formed a great relationship and some showstopping dances.

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Was stuck between two but because Georgia and Giovanni’s was Beauty and The Beast themed (my fave Disney film) complete with dancing furniture, I think theirs has to be my favourite. It was almost perfect, so beautifully danced and shows how well Georgia came on in the ballroom dances.

Notable mentions: Kellie & Kevin –  a nice understated foxtrot to a lovely song


Not many great quicksteps this series in my opinion. My favourite was Jamelia and Tristan’s in Blackpool. It was the most slick and one of her best dances.



Back at the start of the series before she lost confidence and stumbled through routines, Katie was brilliant and looked to be the contender Anton was hoping for. I loved the drama of this tango and the arrangement of ‘Telephone’.

Notable mentions: Anita & Gleb – loved the edgy take on it, Georgia & Giovanni – the moment that suggested they could be contenders

Viennese Waltz

For the sheer beauty of the routine it has to be Helen and Aljaz. This was the dance where i “got” Helen. Before this I appreciated that she could dance really well but I couldn’t connect with her performances or her.

Notable mentions: Katie & Anton – one of her beautiful early routines


The best dance of Halloween night for me was Anita and Gleb’s Maleficent waltz. The characterisation was great, the theme was done to perfection and the ‘enchantment’ contemporary section was amazing. I loved the dark, villainous feel of this waltz.

Notable mentions: Ainsley & Natalie – their dance off comeback was good and nice to see Ainsley do something understated.

Cha Cha Cha

This isn’t technically the best but my favourite is Daniel and Kristina’s Grease effort. It shows Daniel, who I found strangely endearing, do something completely unusual for him and the preceding comedy VT featuring the “Tea Birds” was one of the only good comedy VTs ever.



Notable mentions: Anthony & Oti and Katie & Anton – good week 1 efforts, Anita & Gleb – fun and danced to a former Strictly star’s song

Paso Doble

It all came together for Anita and Gleb in Blackpool with a dramatic and intense paso doble. Anita did well to dance solo and center stage in the beginning. I loved that they stayed in character even after the song had finished. The traditional music definitely helped this dance.

Notable mentions: Peter & Janette – not technical but kind of love the bonkers theme


I still hate the rumba. Jay and Aliona’s was probably the best of them.



A proper samba! Took a little long to get started but once it did, Georgia and Giovanni were amazing even if there were a few mistakes. Would’ve liked to have seen this as the judge’s pick in the final.


American Smooth

A few contenders for my favourite but I think Jay and Aliona just edge it with their slightly different American Smooth. I think Jay performed this really well acting wise as well as dancing it well.

Notable mentions: Anita & Gleb – GLEB SPECIAL, Georgia & Giovanni – elegant, dreamy ballroom, Kellie & Kevin – pure Hollywood glamour


A very strong series for charlestons in my opinion and a lot of them weren’t full of gurning! My favourite has to be Georgia and Giovanni’s. The feel, the look, the skill all work together perfectly to create this epic dance. So glad they reprised it in the final!

Notable mentions: Jamelia & Tristan – one of her best, Anita & Gleb – so good for week 2!, Jay & Aliona – for mixing two of my favourite things: Doctor Who and Strictly.

Argentine Tango

There weren’t many argentine tangos this series. For precision, sharpness, amazing lifts and drama, Jay and Aliona’s was my favourite.



This dance was made for Ainsley’s personality. Exuberant, camp and fun, this is why I loved Ainsley doing Strictly.

Notable mentions: Jeremy & Karen – not sure how much Salsa in it but this is when I “got” the appeal of Jeremy


I liked that all the showdances contained a lot of dance content and weren’t just how many lifts the pros could fit into a routine!  I loved Jay & Aliona’s showdance with the Spiderman start, song and compilation of their favourite moves – their Strictly story in dance. I loved Georgia & Giovanni’s trust and mixture of ballroom and contemporary. However, although Kevin’s manic dancing overshadowed her by the end, for impact and wow factor Kellie and Kevin’s showdance was the best of the night.


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