Series 9 Trailer 2 Dissection

The second trailer for series 9 of Doctor Who was released this week with just over a month to go before the first episode is broadcast on Saturday 19th September. I didn’t actually catch it when it was premiered on tv but thanks to the Doctor Who twitter feed I soon managed to watch it. The trailer didn’t feel as exciting or epic as the first but it does give more of an insight of what we can expect to see in the series.

Here is the trailer:

I did have to watch the trailer a few times as the first time I got distracted by the dragon/dinosaur/Nessie type creature (I think you can imagine what watching Jurassic Park/World with me is like!) and by the time I had recovered from that bit of excitement I saw all the daleks.

Locations: The first shot we see is the inside of the Tardis which immediately familiarises the viewer as it suggests the tardis will be the safe place we recognise in all adventures. It also mirrors the beginning of the previous trailer which began with the tardis flying through space. The tardis is a key piece of iconography for the programme and its use at the beginning of both trailers stresses its importance. The next location we see is some sort of medieval village (which is I assume Cosmeston Medieval Village where they have definitely been filming). Coupled with Jenna and Maisie Williams’ period costumes, this gives me hope that the episode will a ‘historical’ one, that they are actually travelling to the past. However, if it is the medieval era it indicates that the writing team haven’t been very ambitious with regards to choosing their historical period as it would be a similar time to Robin Hood’s era from ‘Robots of Sherwood’ just last series. The alien planet that I guessed may be home of the daleks, Skaro, in my previous blog post is just reaffirmed to me in this trailer as all the circular elements of the buildings rise and also the inclusion of the daleks. I also like that, in the scene with all the daleks, the entrances look very similar to those of the classic era –  a nice nod to the past.

Aliens/Monsters: The aliens that make me excited in this trailer are the aforementioned dragon/Nessie creature, ALL THE DALEKS (including superior daleks and classic looking daleks – I just hope they don’t ruin their narrative), the ‘Pans Labyrinth’-esque hands with eyes on them which I’m sure will definitely freak out the younger viewers, the Zygons (hopefully not forgotten about like in the 50th) and the fire breathing cat things. I’m not sure whether they are cats but hopefully they will be as good and sinister as the cat nurses from ‘New Earth’. The other monsters I am not so keen on. I could understand the robot like creatures last series where there seemed to be a recurring theme of technology but it seems a bit of a cop out of creating new monsters. Having slightly human looking, altered figures and the random grey, tall monsters are getting a bit repetitive too and again indicate a lack of creativity and imagination. I hope the narratives are good enough to disprove my misgivings about their appearances.

Characters: In this trailer, we see Maisie Williams’ character more in conjunction with Clara in the medieval village and the fire breathing cat creatures. Clara and her seem comfortable together so I guess this is before the Doctor meeting with her at the end of the first trailer and perhaps her dealings with the cats are what causes her to appear in a different guise later on. Although I knew Missy was returning, I’m not that impressed as the character was completely ruined for me at the end of last series as she changed from manipulative schemer to a female replica of John Simm’s master. I feel she is just going to become overused and like the new River Song. I like how Clara and the Doctor seem more in tune with each other in this trailer, as if the hostility and awkwardness of learning to know someone again in series 8 has subsided. I think we will see a better partnership between them now as the plot won’t have to be rewritten several times in case Jenna decides to leave/stay. This is conveyed through the dialogue in which Clara explains his unpredictably and brilliance and the scene where she hugs him in the tardis. Rigsy is also back for at least an episode, having been in ‘Flatline’ last series. His episode will be yet another contemporary, urban one – my former housemate saw them filming on The Hayes in Cardiff outside the restaurant where she works!



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