Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

On Monday evening I went to see the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. The tickets were a Christmas present from my sister and 5 months later I finally got to use them! The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular is a concert featuring the music of the series and a few monsters in a similar format to the Doctor Who Proms. The Symphonic Spectacular began in Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to its popularity, the current UK tour is happening this week before it heads to New York and the United States.

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BAFTAS (Television) 2015

My favourite awards show of the year takes place this Sunday (10th May): the BAFTA television awards. As a self confessed television nerd, so much so that I took every opportunity in university to specialise in the medium in essays and projects that I could, I am looking forward to the awards.

The BAFTA Craft awards for television took place about a fortnight ago which I usually also get quite excited for as it rewards the creators and people behind the scenes. However, this year I wasn’t that enthused over the nominees for the craft awards so I only caught up on the results after the ceremony instead of following it religiously on Twitter in real time. Continue reading

The election

I usually try to shy away from non-media related blog posts and especially about topics like politics! I have only done one really politically focussed post before about UKIP and the correlation between their media exposure and votes. Politics is a tricky and quite often sensitive topic to blog about. It’s easy for someone like myself who doesn’t fully understand all the policies to contradict and generalise when discussing politics. For someone who primarily blogs about television shows from a mostly objective perspective, I was wary about doing this post. It won’t be completely clear, easy to comprehend or make a lot of sense but I wanted to just unload my thoughts about the recent election and current political parties.

This week, in the United Kingdom, we have had a general election. Following six weeks of campaigning and various television appearances (the debates that weren’t quite conventional), voters went to the polling stations on Thursday and cast their votes to decide who should be the next government. I saw the exit poll and the first result come in from Sunderland (Labour) before I gave in and went to bed. I wished I had stayed up to watch more of the results as there is a sense of excitement and anxiety but I would definitely have been more of a zombie at work yesterday if I had! I caught up on the results during the day at work, watching on the BBC website as the map of the UK turned more blue (Conservative). By midday, Cameron had got a majority Conservative government and three other party leaders had resigned. The most unpredictable outcome.

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Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia

Recently I have been watching the documentary series Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia on BBC Three. I stumbled upon it by accident but became very intrigued, catching up on the first episode on iplayer and then watching the other two episodes of the series on television.

The series was split into three locations in Russia and three topics: Far Right and nationalist groups in Moscow, homosexuality and homophobia in St Petersburg and aspiring teen models in Siberia.

I would recommend this series as it is a really interesting watch. This is partly due to how the documentaries were made and the use of Reggie as a presenter.

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Strictly New Pros

Last week the BBC announced that three new professional dancers are joining Strictly Come Dancing this year. Strictly fans, myself included, scrambled to see the news as when new dancers join, it means others have left (or been dropped) to make room for them. Three questions are in the minds of strictly fans when these announcements are made: Who are the new pros? Who is returning? Who is leaving?

The new pros were announced as Giovanni Pernice, Gleb Savchenko and Otlile Mabuse. Special mentions in the announcement were given to Iveta and Trent who are not returning and Robin Windsor is also not returning (though the executive producer neglects to comment about Windsor at all!) bringing the total number of pros to 16 for this year’s series in the Autumn.

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