Oscar (2015) predictions

The Oscars (or the Academy Awards as they are more formally known) are upon us. Tonight the nominees will find out whether they will be taking home the coveted golden figurine. I shall not be watching as it is tonight in American time and not British and I do not fancy going to work tomorrow like a zombie!

Whilst I am more interested in television awards ceremonies (as made clear in my previous blog post about BAFTA nominations), the Oscars sticks in my mind due to a little uni tradition. Each year one of my coursemates Alex E would organise a sweepstake of sorts based on predicting the Oscars. Everyone participating on our course paid £1 and predicted their winners on the Oscars website MyPick. The winner who had predicted the most correct winners would either receive the money or a prize bought with the money. I never won – I was usually middle of the table having chosen a mix of definite winners and who I personally wanted to win.

Now we have graduated and are spread out across Britain (and in some cases across the world – Hi Holly and Annie in Australia!), our Oscars game is no more.

However, in this blog post I will predict my winners and who probably will win for each category.

Writing (Original Screenplay)

Likely winner: Birdman or Boyhood

My winner: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Although Wes Anderson won the BAFTA for this category recently, I have a feeling that Birdman and Boyhood are going to win many awards across the board this evening. Personally, I LOVE The Grand Budapest Hotel and am glad it has received so many nominations again.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Likely winner: American Sniper

My winner: The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything beat American Sniper in this category at the BAFTAs but whilst the British awarded a British memoir turned film I think the opposite will happen here. American Sniper may get some surprise wins this evening due to the themes of the film (from what I’ve heard, the film is almost like propaganda styled as American patriotism) and the nationality of the academy.

Visual Effects

Likely winner: Interstellar

My winner: Guardians of the Galaxy

I have seen three out of the five nominees for this category (Captain America, X-Men and GOTG) so for my choice I chose what I thought was the best out of those three. However, Interstellar will surely build on the visual awards success of similar space film Gravity from last year.

Sound Mixing

Likely winner & my winner: Whiplash

To be honest I am not completely sure of the difference between this category and sound editing. I have not seen Whiplash but out of the nominees, as a film about drumming in a jazz band I think it would probably have to have impeccable sound work.

Sound Editing

Likely winner: American Sniper or Birdman

My winner: The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

Again, my choice is partly because it is the only film I have seen from the nominees and so can pass judgment on and partly because it is the only nomination The Hobbit received (as far as I’m aware).

Short film (live)

My winner: Boogaloo and Graham

For the short film categories and documentary categories I am only predicting my winner as I am unfamiliar with the nominated films. I base these choices on reading the synopsis of the films and the stills.

Short film (animated)

My winner: The Dam Keeper

Production Design

Likely winner and my winner: The Grand Budapest Hotel

The crazy, quirky world of Wes Anderson definitely deserves this award. Lots of sets, lots of colours to deal with but so much detail in every scene. The little touches and acute attention to detail is incredible.

Music (Original Song)

Likely winner: Glory from Selma

My winner: Everything is Awesome from The Lego Movie

Both these films have been snubbed massively by the academy for this ceremony. Whilst Glory which has already won awards like a Golden Globe is likely to win, I think it would be amusing and great if the theme song of The Lego Movie (a collaboration between Tegan & Sara and comedians The Lonely Island) walked away with the prize.

Music (Original Score)

Likely winner and my winner: The Grand Budapest Hotel

I would be very surprised if this film didn’t win original score against the nominees in this category.

Make up and Hair Styling

Likely winner: The Grand Budapest Hotel

My winner: Foxcatcher

Yes this choice is slightly out of character for me given that I haven’t seen Foxcatcher and I have been singing the praises of The Grand Budapest Hotel on this blog. The Grand Budapest Hotel has already had awards success in this category and rightly so. However, the fact that I don’t recognise Steve Carrell in Foxcatcher trailers and promos is testament to the skill of the hair and make up team of Foxcatcher.

Foreign Language Film

Likely winner and my winner: Ida

I am unfamiliar with all the nominations but Ida appears to be the most popular choice amongst critics.

Film Editing

Likely winner: Boyhood

My winner: American Sniper

Boyhood is likely to win due to the transitions between the years. American Sniper is a weird choice for me considering I am not a fan of the concept of the film. However, I saw the trailer on tv which cleverly juxtaposed the sniper about to shoot a child with footage of his own wife and child to highlight a moral dilemma. My housemate who has seen the film said it panned out in a similar way so I think it is a very clever use of editing.

Documentary Short

My winner: Joanna

Documentary Feature

My winner: CitizenFour


Likely winner: Boyhood

My winner: Birdman

This category could go either way between these two films. The fact that Linklater chose to make this film over 12 years will probably be recognised as “epic” and a unique artistic vision but the continuous shot nature of Birdman is also a fresh, unique way of directing.

Costume Design

Likely winner and my winner: The Grand Budapest Hotel

The colours and cuts of the costumes reveal so much about the group that characters belong to and about the characters themselves. The costumes feel like an integral part of the production design as a whole.


Likely winner: Birdman

My winner: Mr Turner

I feel sorry for Mr Turner. A film that was a success amongst critics, producers and filmmakers alike has been severely snubbed this awards season and that is why it is my (admittedly unlikely to be true) winner. Also, a little part of it is because the cinematographer is called Dick Pope and it sticks in my mind after the nominations announcement when the Academy’s president Cheryl Boone-Isaac accidentally called him Dick Poop.

Animated Feature Film

Likely winner and my winner: How to Train Your Dragon 2

With the absence of The Lego Movie (it was robbed!), this is the best in the category. It’s funny and proves to be an excellent sequel – a feat that not many films manage! It is also visually impressive especially the scene where Hiccup encounters his mother’s island of dragons. Side note: I want a pet Toothless!

Actress in a supporting role

Likely winner: Patricia Arquette

My winner: Laura Dern

I’m not sure anyone else has won this award this season apart from Arquette and she looks set to complete the lot. However I would quite like a wild card to win and out of that selection, I have chosen Laura Dern for Wild.

Actor in a supporting role

Likely winner and my winner: JK Simmons

Similarly I think all the acting nominations will go to those who have won every award so far. JK Simmons is most likely to win due to this fact but I chose him as my personal choice as in the trailers and promos he appears genuinely terrifying and far from the dad in Juno (the only other role I believe I have seen him as).


Likely winner: Julianne Moore

My winner: Marion Cotillard

It seems inevitable that Moore will triumph. I have gone for Cotillard whom the press called a “shock” nomination for this category. Although I haven’t seen “Two Days, One Night” myself, I have seen positive reviews for a film about social and moral issues. It is also interesting to see an actress nominated in this category for a film that is not in English.


Likely winner and my winner: Eddie Redmayne

I saw The Theory of Everything on a day off from work and although I’ve found Redmayne a bit hit and miss before, his performance in this film is incredible. He is definitely deserving of the awards he has won so far and of tonight’s Oscar as the transformation he makes throughout the film is amazing.

Best Picture

Likely winner: Boyhood

My winner: The Grand Budapest Hotel

It’s almost certainly going to be Boyhood but I would like to see a surprise win for one of my favourite, quirky films!



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