Strictly 2014 Stats

I was so involved with Strictly 2014 this year. I watched the main shows, most of the result shows, most It Takes Two episodes, lurked but never posted on forums to see the opinions of others, blogged about it, read blogs especially the brilliant recaps by Monkseal, waited patiently every Wednesday on my lunch break for the music and dances to be revealed etc. I knew who all the contestants were this year so it was really engaging and entertaining for me.

I have decided to choose my favourite of each style of dance. For someone who isn’t a fan of too many props and overtheming, there are quite a few theme week dances in the mix. Click continue reading to see which ones I chose…


This was a hard one to choose. I loved Pixie and Frankie’s dances for the style. I almost chose Simon and Kristina’s purely for excellent technique but I know that this couple will feature as my favourites for other dance styles. I have chosen Sunetra and Brendan’s foxtrot. It may not be technically perfect but it is one of my favourite dances by this couple. The foxtrot is kept simple, no props and gimmicks. It has an elegant but not OTT feel and highlights Sunetra’s strength in ballroom. I love the song and for me this is a dance where everything comes together beautifully.


I LOVE the quickstep! It is one of my favourites. I found it hard to choose between two for this one so I have included both. Interestingly they are both from the same week…MOVIE WEEK. I chose Pixie and Trent’s because I love the Disney theme (Beauty and the Beast being my favourite Disney film) . I chose Steve and Ola’s because it is my absolute favourite dance from this couple!


I love the drama of the tango but this year’s attempts did not especially wow me. Most lacked the sharpness and the staccato movement did not come across very well though this may be the fault of the camerawork. I did like Jake and Janette’s week one tango because it was good for the beginning of the competition but I think Pixie and Trent’s is my favourite of the series. Also, THAT HAIR!

Viennese Waltz

Another Pixie and Trent victory for this category. Some may argue that it is not a traditional viennese waltz but I did like the bits in hold and Trent did a fab job of choreographing the story of the dance as well as including some sneaky beyonce single ladies moves in there.


Again, Frankie, Pixie and Simon were contenders in this dance. However, I have chosen Thom and Iveta’s week 1 waltz which I loved for its simplicity, elegance and “safeness”. For me, this dance was massively undermarked by the judges.

Cha Cha Cha

Ok definitely not a technically brilliant dance but this cha cha had the most personality and excitement for me. I chose Tim and Natalies for the enthusiasm and effort. Also probably the best cha cha the show has seen from an “older gentleman”.


I felt the jives were a bit disappointing this year as well. Like the tango, the sharpness was missing. I have chosen two for this category because I thought they were the best efforts. First, Simon and Kristina for a confident and competent week 1 jive. Secondly, Mark and Karen because it was their sudden brilliance at latin after the success of their samba.

Paso Doble

Although I am tempted to include Tim and Natalie’s effort, the best and my favourite has to be Pixie and Trent’s paso at Blackpool. It was such a WOW moment full of drama and brilliant dancing. I actually wanted to clap after this dance.


If you have read my other Strictly Come Dancing themed blog posts it will come as no surprise when I say I am not a fan of the rumba. This was a hard one to choose because I just really don’t like the dance so none of them would actually feature very highly. I chose Sunetra and Brendan’s rumba although it is not a typical rumba – Brendan appears to have as little physical contact with Sunetra as possible but it was the best in my opinion without bordering on the dangerous edge of contemporary.


This series probably featured some of the best sambas Strictly has ever seen. Known as a difficult dance to get right, this year’s contestants have fared very well. My favourite is Mark and Karen’s. I think this was after a bottom two appearance and it was a brilliant comeback and the start of “year of the samba”.


Although not the highest scoring salsa done brilliantly by Caroline and Pasha, I think the one I have chosen is my favourite because it was so early on in the competition and unexpected. It made me think that Jake and Janette could be the underdogs and unpredictable winners. Janette, a salsa specialist, trusted Jake to do the tricks that she does professionally and it was a fun salsa.


I think almost every couple did a Charleston this series and it was almost an overload of gurning and swivel. I loved Pixie and Jake’s although they are complete opposites; Pixie’s an unusual musical theatre style dance and Jake’s a typical gurnfest. A special mention must also go to Alison and Aljaz as I loved their Aladdin charleston – their best dance for me. However, my favourite is Caroline and Pasha’s charleston (the original – not the one without the backing dancers in the final which looked a bit awkward) as it was the start of Caroline’s ascent and the song is really catchy.

American Smooth

Sunetra and Alison were contenders for this category for opposite reasons; Sunetra for her elegance and Alison for the strangely captivating Kate Bush fest with Aljaz as Heathcliffe. My favourite, although a little controversial as fans disagree about the amount of American Smooth content in the dance itself, is Jake and Janette’s. I loved the style and story of the dance.

Argentine Tango

No doubt crossed my mind on this one. Easily the best argentine tango, the best dance of the series and my favourite of the series. I have inserted the video of the dance in the final but both the original and final version are intense and full of drama and passion as an argentine tango should be. I actually thought Simon and Kristina might have had a late surge to victory with this dance because it is absolutely amazing!


This was a difficult one. I loved Frankie and Kevin’s ballroom dance but the benches ruined it for me although I love the rest of the dance so much. For the reason of the benches, it has been beaten by Simon and Kristina’s showdance. A little messy and frantic but I love Kristina’s way of approaching a showdance i.e. lots of different styles to showcase what has been learnt plus costume changes!


3 thoughts on “Strictly 2014 Stats

  1. Wow, looks like I have finally found someone who loves strictly as much as me! I have to admit I didn’t watch all the it takes twos this year because I’ve been so busy! But I agree about the missing sharpness in some dances 🙂

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