The Doctor Who Experience

Today I went to the Doctor Who Experience for the third time. The idea had popped into my head the other day when my colleague asked me if I’d been to the experience since the Capaldi props and story had been put in. I realised I hadn’t been yet so today I took a trip to Cardiff Bay (one of my favourite places) and used the last of my birthday money on a ticket (and something in the shop too!).

The experience is in two parts: an interactive “adventure” that lasts about 15 – 20 minutes and the exhibition space. You’re not allowed to take any photos of the interactive part but when you are in the exhibition space you can take as many photos as you like. I’m not going to give too much away about the interactive part as I don’t want to spoil it for any readers of my blog who are intending on visiting! I will say that I prefer the story of this interactive adventure better than Matt Smith’s one (and that’s not even me being biased towards Capaldi over Smith – the story flows better in Capaldi’s interactive section). Some sections are similar but there is a nice nod to Classic Who too which I liked.

I took lots of photos in the exhibition space where props and costumes from the series are displayed. I thought I would make a blog post for those readers (especially international) who can’t visit to see what is there. Click continue reading to see my photos…

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This is The Voice

The new series of The Voice kicked off last week with the start of the blind auditions and introducing Rita Ora as a new judge. I like the blind auditions stage because the contestant is allowed to sing without being judged by their appearance first. It’s interesting to see which judges turn around and if more than one judge does turn, which one the contestant will choose to be their mentor.

So far this series I like Lucy O’Byrne (Team Will) and Howard Rose (Team Tom). I also liked the guy who sang¬†House of the Rising Sun but unfortunately he didn’t get through. I’m not going to blog properly about this series yet as there has only been one episode at the time of writing this. Instead this post is going to be about my favourite performances from all the preceding series.

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2015 BAFTAs (Film)

The awards season is upon us. The next few months will be dominated by award ceremonies for film. The nominations for the BAFTAs were announced this week. Although I am usually more interested in award ceremonies for television programmes (as if you hadn’t guessed by the number of blog posts I watch more tv!), I was quite impressed by this year’s selections. Usually I don’t mind if I miss the ceremony (whereas I am glued to the television baftas and follow the bafta craft awards hashtag on Twitter for the tv equivalents) but the nominees this year include films that I want to see and films that I have actually seen as opposed to a long list of films I have never heard of.

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Christmas Specials

Thank goodness for christmas specials!¬† A source of blogging topics for me – sorry to bombard you with a lot of posts in one day. It is a new year’s resolution/goal of mine to blog more often this year. I found it hard the last few months because I stare at a laptop monday-friday each week at work so it when it comes to blogging in the evening or weekend I don’t fancy looking at my laptop and typing again! Hopefully I will blog more often if I have enough topics that compel me to write.

Christmas specials are odd episodes for Doctor Who. It has become a somewhat tradition to have Christmas specials since the series was revived in 2005. The majority of specials are standalone episodes that do not link or reference the preceding or succeeding series heavily. I personally find the specials a bit hit or miss. They can be good episodes or they are really dire!

This blog post will mostly focus on the 2014 episode Last Christmas.

A promotional still for the 2014 special 'Last Christmas'

A promotional still for the 2014 special ‘Last Christmas’

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Strictly 2014 Stats

I was so involved with Strictly 2014 this year. I watched the main shows, most of the result shows, most It Takes Two episodes, lurked but never posted on forums to see the opinions of others, blogged about it, read blogs especially the brilliant recaps by Monkseal, waited patiently every Wednesday on my lunch break for the music and dances to be revealed etc. I knew who all the contestants were this year so it was really engaging and entertaining for me.

I have decided to choose my favourite of each style of dance. For someone who isn’t a fan of too many props and overtheming, there are quite a few theme week dances in the mix. Click continue reading to see which ones I chose…

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The end of Miranda

This Christmas holidays saw the final two episodes of the BBC sitcom Miranda be shown (Christmas Day & New Years Day). The sitcom was written and starred comedienne Miranda Hart and revolved around her character’s life. The programme used slapstick humour, exaggerated characters such as Miranda’s middle class family and friends and asides to camera to create the unique humour of the show.

The cast of Miranda at the end of series 3

The cast of Miranda at the end of series 3

I have been a fan of this show since it began and have defended it against the critiques of those who do not like it. It had a different feel to most sitcoms as it used old-fashioned generic conventions and had a relatable character as its protagonist (ok maybe not the upper-middle class but a woman who is seen as an outsider who doesn’t quite manage to abide by the social habits that everyone else naturally seems to).

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