I am loving series 8  of Doctor Who – so much better than Matt Smith’s last series. However, some of the episodes are a bit slow and as the series progresses the episodes are becoming monster-lite which annoys me. Despite this, the acting is pretty good (with the exception of Samuel Anderson – sorry, I just don’t like Danny!)

I think Capaldi is absolutely brilliant – an immensely different, more challenging Doctor yet hilarious. He has a touch of Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor which I think is why I like him so much because Christopher was my “first doctor”.

The surprise for me is Jenna Coleman as Clara this series. As I think I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, I felt that her arc of being the “impossible girl” in series 7b took over. It was intriguing at first but then she was sidelined until the finale where her arc’s resolution was rushed. I’ve felt she’s been given so much more to work with this series and her character has become more rounded. I hope she doesn’t leave at Christmas because we’re just getting to see the best Clara.

Flatline which was broadcast on 18th October is a very Clara-heavy episode and the idea of acting like the Doctor is played upon.

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Don’t stop the music

I’ve been meaning to write a post about the Don’t Stop the Music documentary for a while amongst other topics but haven’t felt that committed to writing about them, like there’s been no drive to write a good blog post. After hearing some local youth music related news this week, I have felt compelled to write about the concept of the programme and the reality of youth music in Britain. I’ve touched upon some of the issues in my previous blog post ‘Thank you for the (youth) music!’ which I wrote following my last youth concert.

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