Strictly week 1

So week 1 of the new series of Strictly Come Dancing is officially over. I have been so excited all week (this may have contributed to me winning the living room tv problem with my housemate – strictly vs xfactor) and was glued to my television this weekend. This weekend’s programmes definitely didn’t disappoint. The standard seemed to be the highest it has been for the debut weekend in the last few years – definitely better than the opening weekend last year despite still having a few dodgy dances!

I’m loving Tess and Claudia presenting it. There’s a few odd scripted jokes/puns that Tess has to say but on the whole there’s less joking around and more focus on the dancing which I am loving! I also love Claudia – she’s so funny!

One thing that’s really annoying me (already!) is the studio audience. Firstly, you do not need to give standing ovations in week 1. It’s just going to get boring seeing the audience stand up everytime someone dances and by the time in the series when a couple really deserve a standing ovation for an excellent routine or closer to the final when they’re almost professional standard, the sentiment and appreciation behind the standing ovation will not be felt. The novelty will have worn off and standing ovations will not mean anything important. Secondly, do not boo the judges unless they are being intentionally mean or insulting. As it’s week 1 none of the celebrities are perfect dancers so constructive criticism is needed. Just because the judge is not praising the celeb does not mean the information isn’t important, the criticism helps the dancers! Audiences need to work out when the judge is being useful and when they’re actually being mean. In my opinion, all the criticism this week was constructive and none of the judges deserved to be booed for expressing that criticism. If the audience wants to jump to their feet after every performance or listen to judges who only praise the contestants then they should attend x-factor or itv talent shows and NOT strictly!

Ok. Rant over! Click on continue reading to see who my favourites are and what I thought of the dances…

As I said in my previous blog post, this couple are one to watch! Jake’s skills in his training video impressed me but I wasn’t sure if that would transfer well on the night. Definitely the best tango of the weekend (also loving that they’ve added new dances in the first week so it’s not just waltz or cha cha cha). His posture was brilliant, the sharpness and control was there. I was really happy that he was top of the leaderboard until Frankie danced although I thought he should have had the highest marks this weekend. Very impressive – will be interesting to see how he progresses. I really hope he is a finalist because he’s not the typical Strictly champion.

I thought Thom was massively undermarked – he should have had higher marks than Sunetra, Steve and Alison. He was criticised for being safe but I thought it was really neat, controlled and elegant just as a waltz should be. I thought it was more beautiful than the other waltzes this weekend. I have a feeling that the ‘safe’ nature of the dance as the judges put it could be something to do with playing down the rumours of their relationship as proposed by the tabloids.

Ok, admittedly not the best dancer but I can’t help but love Tim. Considering he’s in his seventies, he’s not that bad compared to previous elderly contestants. I just love his concentration, effort, confidence and enthusiasm. He’s got some of the moves but he’s got so much Strictly spirit that you don’t care if he does anything wrong!

The best of the girls. Caroline, Pixie and Frankie are the young ones who possibly have a bit of dance training behind them but out of the three of them I think Caroline was my favourite this weekend. She did really well to come out first. I thought her arms were well placed and looked like how a professional would position them. She had a lot of stamina to keep up with what was a fairly busy cha cha cha.

And the rest…

Frankie: Good but a little shaky. Has to live up to the pressure of being quite good and needs to be a consistent top scorer to continue now.

Pixie: Basically same as Frankie. Has potential and needs to live up to expectation.

Simon: Jive definitely suited him. Will be interesting to see how he copes with the slower dances.

Alison: Same as simon. Cha cha cha was her dance – suited her personality but ballroom could be a challenge.

Steve: Personally thought his tango was a bit stompy. Has room for improvement and should definitely make the halfway point.

Mark: Fairly good. Was surprised to see how nervous and emotional he was but a good opener to the second show.

Sunetra: Thought she was shaky which was why I was shocked that she got a higher score than Thom.

Judy: Shaky, nervous and awkward. I think she needs to relax more and develop her personality otherwise I don’t think she’ll last long.

Jennifer: Admired her enthusiasm and happiness but not a great dancer. Could be that she had the jive this week and next week’s dance may be better suited to her.

Gregg: Again not the best dancer but you could see he was trying so hard and concentrating which endeared him a little to me.

Scott: Don’t think the DJ gimmicks helped one bit and thought the choreography really let him down.



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