Strictly week 1

So week 1 of the new series of Strictly Come Dancing is officially over. I have been so excited all week (this may have contributed to me winning the living room tv problem with my housemate – strictly vs xfactor) and was glued to my television this weekend. This weekend’s programmes definitely didn’t disappoint. The standard seemed to be the highest it has been for the debut weekend in the last few years – definitely better than the opening weekend last year despite still having a few dodgy dances!

I’m loving Tess and Claudia presenting it. There’s a few odd scripted jokes/puns that Tess has to say but on the whole there’s less joking around and more focus on the dancing which I am loving! I also love Claudia – she’s so funny!

One thing that’s really annoying me (already!) is the studio audience. Firstly, you do not need to give standing ovations in week 1. It’s just going to get boring seeing the audience stand up everytime someone dances and by the time in the series when a couple really deserve a standing ovation for an excellent routine or closer to the final when they’re almost professional standard, the sentiment and appreciation behind the standing ovation will not be felt. The novelty will have worn off and standing ovations will not mean anything important. Secondly, do not boo the judges unless they are being intentionally mean or insulting. As it’s week 1 none of the celebrities are perfect dancers so constructive criticism is needed. Just because the judge is not praising the celeb does not mean the information isn’t important, the criticism helps the dancers! Audiences need to work out when the judge is being useful and when they’re actually being mean. In my opinion, all the criticism this week was constructive and none of the judges deserved to be booed for expressing that criticism. If the audience wants to jump to their feet after every performance or listen to judges who only praise the contestants then they should attend x-factor or itv talent shows and NOT strictly!

Ok. Rant over! Click on continue reading to see who my favourites are and what I thought of the dances…

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Strictly speaking

As a massive Strictly Come Dancing fan I am so excited that the series is nearly upon us. The launch show took place about two weeks ago and officially introduced the competitors of 2014. This series looks to be the best yet from the line-up. I’ve been worried the last few years that they were running out of credible celebrities but I have actually heard of ALL this year’s contestants and know who they are!

During the launch show the celebrities are paired with their professional partners and they will have been training for 2-3 weeks before the series starts next Friday.¬† I was going to write this blog post sooner but having started a job 2 weeks ago and various other things going on, I haven’t found much time or made the effort to sit down with my laptop and just write. At least I’ve got round to it before the series properly starts or I don’t think I ever would!

I’m going to discuss the pairings based on the launch show and the First Steps clips available on the programme’s website¬† but before that I just want to say how happy I am about the all-female presenting team. Sir Bruce Forsyth decided to retire from presenting duties earlier this year although he is still returning for charity and Christmas specials to maintain some sort of presence and continuity. I’m happy to see Bruce go. I appreciate his contribution to the show but I have felt he has been a bit all over the place for the last two series at least.


I’ve preferred the shows where Claudia had to step in which makes me so excited for her and Tess to be the official presenting team now. I also think it’s a bold move from the BBC to have an all-female presenting team. Yes I know they already have Mel & Sue presenting bake-off on a Wednesday night but I’m pretty sure this is the first female presenting team for a primetime Saturday night slot!

Now back to the couples…

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The Mysterious Mr Pink

The second episode of Series 8 of Doctor Who introduced the character Danny Pink played by Samuel Anderson. Since his character was announced at the beginning of this year fans have been speculating how important his character will be. Suggestions have included being Clara’s boyfriend, a new companion and even the Master! I think these were the most popular suggestions as it seems that he is going to be a recurring or regular character due to how early he has been introduced. This could lead to him joining the Doctor and Clara in the Tardis or if not, having a good number of episodes to set up a narrative arc to be resolved in the finale or both.

I found his character to be quite conflicting – there seemed to be a lot of dualities. This obviously makes him seem mysterious as you’re not sure who exactly he is (which feeds in perfectly to him being a villain theories/setting up a narrative arc). This blog post will discuss some of Danny Pink’s traits without turning too much into a review of ‘Into the Dalek’ hopefully!

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