A new teaser…

In my last blog post, I analysed the three Doctor Who trailers that had been released. Whilst browsing the internet earlier, in the middle of job hunting (boo!), I found out that another teaser trailer had been released. It was released on Saturday and is 15 seconds long. Also, whilst browsing I came across an article by WalesOnline about Capaldi’s views on the Doctor/Companion relationship for the new series.

As I haven’t really watched enough television to be able to write a normal length blog post (apart from the Commonwealth Games), this short blog post will attempt, like my last one, to analyse the latest teaser trailer and what I think about the content of the WalesOnline article.

So here is the latest teaser trailer which is called Listen:

This trailer, at first, appears to give very little away. It’s very short even for a teaser and is very minimalistic. However, its simplicity marks a difference from the previous trailers. As far as I’m aware (comment and correct me if I’m wrong) this is the first trailer for the new series to open with the tardis sound and the theme tune. This aural marker makes it immediately recognisable as Doctor Who and suggests that there is a sense of continunity and familiarity. I’ve studied Doctor Who academically during my time at university and in many of the texts I read for assessments and my dissertation, theorists highlighted that although new doctors indicate a change in tone and often narrative, the premise of the programme and the basic character traits of the Doctor must remain familiar to the audience. Therefore, the audio markers such as the soundtrack and visual markers like the Tardis are always included for continuity and so that the programme is still recognisable to the fans.

The camera pans up from the  bottom to the roof of the Tardis. The Tardis doors are open and we are offered a glimpse of the interior. The lighting is still fairly dark so any new furnishings or designs are not immediately visible but the core elements of the Tardis are. This suggests that we will slowly be introduced to the new Doctor’s ways. This glimpse of the Tardis contrasts with the previous trailers in which the Tardis has been in flames which connotes instability and danger. In ‘Listen’, the Tardis is empty but working in normal condition. It appears calm which corresponds with the next shot we see. As the camera pans to the roof of the Tardis, we see the Doctor sitting on top of it. He is sat with his legs crossed, his eyes closed and his hands on his knees. This pose is reminiscent of meditation which again reinforces the calm and peaceful connotations that the Tardis has emitted in this trailer.

The Doctor is dressed all in black which I suppose can be interpreted as dark, enigmatic and a little bit menacing. It is the direct opposite of white which traditionally symbolises purity and peace. His costuming contrasts with the calmness of the trailer. This is emphasised when he suddenly opens his eyes, stares straight into the camera as a direct mode of address and orders us to listen. I have to admit this trailer confused me at first. I think now that this contrast indicates that the series is not going to be straightforward – it will have dark moments, calmer moments and that the Doctor is very complex. I also think that “Listen” may be a hint to this series narrative arc, that we’re supposed to listen for clues across the episodes to understand the finale or the Doctor.

Moving onto the article…According to WalesOnline, Peter Capaldi has apparently stated that there will be no flirting between his character and Clara. This confirms my thoughts in my previous trailer blog post where I said that I think that the dynamics between the Doctor and the companion are going to change. A lot of NewWho companions have been ‘in love’ or romantically attached to the Doctor in some shape or form with the obvious exception being Donna. This statement from Capaldi shows that the relationship between the Doctor and companion is going to change into a friendship. This could also mean that some speculation from the fans surrounding Danny Pink (played by Samuel Anderson) could be true as some fans believe that he has been brought in as the love interest for Clara due to the age gap between Capaldi and Jenna Louise Coleman.

In the article, Capaldi also hinted that he didn’t agree straight away, that he had concerns about the direction the programme would be going in and that he wanted to be in a Doctor Who he liked. This suggests that Capaldi, as a fan of Doctor Who, may have had some influence on the new series of Doctor Who. This interests me as this, if true, exemplifies that there are new sources of creativity and direction among the Doctor Who team and that the changes in the new series could be for the better.


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