A new teaser…

In my last blog post, I analysed the three Doctor Who trailers that had been released. Whilst browsing the internet earlier, in the middle of job hunting (boo!), I found out that another teaser trailer had been released. It was released on Saturday and is 15 seconds long. Also, whilst browsing I came across an article by WalesOnline about Capaldi’s views on the Doctor/Companion relationship for the new series.

As I haven’t really watched enough television to be able to write a normal length blog post (apart from the Commonwealth Games), this short blog post will attempt, like my last one, to analyse the latest teaser trailer and what I think about the content of the WalesOnline article.

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Trailer Dissection: Doctor Who Series 8

So all the promotional material for the new series of Doctor Who has been released ahead of the series starting on the 23rd August. The teaser trailers and the full trailer are now available to see on Youtube after being shown on television and preparations are being made for the “World Tour”. The world tour (or at least the Cardiff part of it) will premiere the first episode ‘Deep Breath‘ before its television transmission and there will also be question and answer sessions with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Louise Coleman and Steven Moffat.

As I predicted in my previous blog post about the world tour I didn’t get tickets. I didn’t even know they’d gone on sale and when I did find out, they had sold out! The Cardiff event is being held at the concert hall where I do front of house so my only hope to experience the Cardiff event is if I’m offered the shift – fingers crossed.

I thought I’d do this blog post for those fans like me who (probably) can’t attend the world tour events and are avoiding the leaked scripts/spoilers. I’m going to analyse the two teaser trailers and the full trailer to see what we can expect from the news series.

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Has everyone been on tv?

I’ve been drifting in and out of Big Brother recently. As I said in my ‘This is Big Brother‘ blog post, I watch the first week or so avidly and then just watch it now and again. I haven’t had much time to catch up on the show during the last week or so because I’ve been so busy. However, I did see that there were 3 new housemates who entered as Marlon left in a shock eviction during “Armageddon” task week.

I went online to find out who the new housemates were and was shocked to discover that I already knew who two of them were (Zoe and Biannca). Pav was the only one I didn’t recognise. Zoe and Biannca have been on our tv screens before and this just emphasises what I was saying in my last Big Brother related blog post; most of this year’s contestants are media savvy and have had experience with the media in some shape or form (press, tv and especially reality tv). Most of the contestants have had shorts bursts of fame before and then drifted out of the public eye. It seems that they are using Big Brother to become semi-famous again but realistically is their Big Brother fame going to last longer than their previous attempts?

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Thank you for the (youth) music!

Haven’t written a blog post for a while because I’ve had a really busy week. Last Thursday I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Media Communications. Apart from the ridiculous traffic to/from graduation due to roads being closed because of the strike, I had a really lovely day with the ceremony in the morning, a lush family meal and then mingling with my course and lecturers at our media comms reception in the afternoon.

Then Saturday until Monday I went on my last ever youth orchestra course. We had a day off on Tuesday (which I spent job hunting – oh the fun life of a graduate!) and then more rehearsals yesterday before the concert last night. So a busy, tiring and emotional week!

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Have our viewing habits changed already?

As I mentioned in my previous blog post about BBC3, the way we are viewing television is changing. We are no longer confined to the small screen and a limited amount of programming. Television can be accessed on mobiles, tablets and computers. Television can be consumed online whether live or catchup. Some channels such as E4 and BBC3 have even used their websites to premiere episodes up to a week before they are broadcast on television and the websites also contain additional interactive content. Apps and social media transform viewing into a second-screen experience (although there are some doubts as to how much this is actually happening) so audiences can interact with the programme itself and other viewers simultaneously. One of the biggest changes has been the introduction of services like Netflix. Netflix is an on-demand streaming service which has films, television box-sets, American programmes that aren’t broadcast in the UK and exclusive content available to subscribers.

I predicted, in my BBC3 blog post, that these new methods were bound to have an impact on our viewing habits. I agreed with the plan for BBC3 to go online as that seems to be the future of television for young people although I also acknowledge that maybe the BBC’s announcement was a little premature. My conclusion were that viewing habits were changing and that television was not simply television anymore.

Yesterday I came across an article written by one of my lecturers which partly suggests that viewing habits have already changed and that some people only a few years younger than me do not value public service broadcasting like the BBC as much as we do.

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