Quick quotes

In the run up to series 8 of Doctor Who, the official BBC website has been updating its blog feature to introduce new characters that will appear in the new series. These characters are usually played by well known British actors and actresses such as Michelle Gomez, Frank Skinner, Tom Riley and Hermione Norris. The announcements made via the BBC’s Doctor Who blog break the news about their casting days or just hours before they begin filming so as to release the news before photos are taken by journalists.

The posts vary in the amount of information given. Some just announce the actor’s casting and background whilst others also add the character’s name or an image of the actor in costume. Without fail, there is a short quote from both the actor and Steven Moffat in every article. The quick quotes are usually about how excited the actor is to join the programme. However, the quotes seem to be more zany and superficial as each post is published. It seems that they are acting as the equivalent of soundbites¬† – short (sometimes edited) quotes to summarise the position of the speaker and usually contain “buzzwords”. Soundbites can sometimes be misleading and manipulated to create the initial interest from the listener before the wider context is examined. The quotes in the posts on the official website seem to be full of buzzwords and of a certain style.

Do these quick quotes excite the reader by the overly positive announcements for the series (and subsequently building expectation)? Or do they fill the fan with dread as they seem edited, misleading and a little bit fake?

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“We’re going on a job hunt. We’re not scared….”

…Well maybe a little bit!

It’s come to that time. I have finished education and now I have to enter the real world of jobs, no student loan to help pay my rent and the start of taxes. Fun, fun, fun. I’ve had an amazing three years studying Media Communications. I have learnt so much and the course really interested me. I’m glad that I decided to study this course and that I studied something I genuinely love. I suppose the one disadvantage of a course like mine is that there is no set occupation to enter following the completion of the degree. I have been indecisive for three years about what I want to do (or actually my whole education since they started talking about careers in secondary school).

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BBC Wales on the move

On the 10th June, BBC Wales unveiled the design and plans for their new broadcasting house. Apart from drama which is based in the specially constructed village Roath Lock in Cardiff Bay, the rest of BBC Wales (online, tv and radio) are based in broadcasting house in Llandaff. The building in Llandaff has been the BBC’s home in Wales for the past 50 years.

All the broadcasters in Wales have made decisions recently about moving their headquarters and buildings to new sites. However, the BBC’s plan has been deemed controversial and the corporation has been accused of a “breach of faith” by some former politicians. Here I will discuss the BBC’s plans in more detail and the pros and cons to their move.

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The exposure of the ‘Right’

When I started this blog, the purpose was to keep up my writing and write posts about television. In my About Me section, I do mention that I would cover other topics but this is mainly a blog about television as that is an area I am really interested in. I am now writing a post on a topic I never thought I would: POLITICS. Though I suppose I can link this post to the blog’s main purpose as I want to examine the exposure given to certain political groups on television and especially social media.

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The Doctor travels

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical when I first saw the video about the Doctor Who World Tour appear on my Facebook newsfeed. One, because I’ve been tricked into watching fan made trailers/videos before which were billed as official and two, because there are a lot of people on Facebook who seem to share anything (videos, “news” stories, quizzes, images) without any thought to the shared item’s validity, source or agenda.

However, confirmation via BBC Wales’ tweet about it and an article on the BBC’s website for the programme about the World Tour has removed any doubt I had.

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Louise Coleman will travel to 7 cities across the world to meet fans in the space of 12 days.

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“This is Big Brother”

I have spent the last two evenings lying on my living room sofa watching the launch shows of this year’s Big Brother. I always like to watch the launch shows even though I never watch the whole series religiously. I usually watch the first week or so, stop watching, pick it up again when it’s shown at lunchtimes and there’s nothing else to watch over the summer when I’m at home, stop watching again and it’s hit or miss whether I watch the final. I find it interesting to watch the initial groupings of friends form and who gets on with who. It reflects the social experiment feel that the series originally had – a group of people meeting for the first time, who they side with and how they react to certain situations. For someone who loves people watching, who is intrigued by people and would love to study/work with audiences¬† in the future (i.e. discovering an audience /group of people’s reactions and thoughts to broadcasting), the first week or so of Big Brother always grabs my attention.

This blog post is going to provide a little bit of context about Big Brother and its evolution (for any readers who are less familiar with the programme) and review some of the points of this year’s launch that stood out to me.

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